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57. The Powerful Impact of Reducing With Anhely Millan

October 04, 2022 Stephanie Moram Episode 57
Green Junkie
57. The Powerful Impact of Reducing With Anhely Millan
Show Notes

Instead of complicating sustainable and green living, what if we just thought of how we can become masters of reducing?

In today’s episode, I brought on Anhely Millan, the author of The World Behind Recycling, to discuss recycling, climate change and how we can reduce our impact on the environment with simple and easy-to-implement changes.

In this episode, I will touch on:

  • Are we too late to reverse climate change
  • How can you add more sustainability changes to your everyday life
  • The power of reducing and the impact the simple act has on the environment
  • How simplicity is the key to the lasting impact

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