Wicked Ever After

53. Easy Ways to Live Waste Free

September 06, 2022 Stephanie Moram Season 1 Episode 53
Wicked Ever After
53. Easy Ways to Live Waste Free
Show Notes

In today’s episode, I am teaching you how to minimize the waste you create in your own home and consume outside your home.

The zero-waste lifestyle could be cool, but it will take all of us to make it so. As a Green Junkie, I know you’re up for the challenge, so I can’t wait to hear how you’ll reduce waste in your life.

What you can expect from this episode:

  • Mind-blowing stats about waste
  • Practical steps on how to reduce your waste
  • Why zero waste is impossible
  • Why you should start paying attention to your packaging
  • How to reduce single-use plastics
  • How to develop a better purchasing mindset

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Your green bestie,
xoxo Stephanie

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Produced by: Alecia Harris
Music By: Liz Fohle

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