Wicked Ever After

52. Protect Yourself From PFAS Part 2 With Leah Segedie

August 30, 2022 Stephanie Moram Season 1 Episode 52
Wicked Ever After
52. Protect Yourself From PFAS Part 2 With Leah Segedie
Show Notes

We are back today with part 2 of our fascinating discussion about PFAS with Leah Segedie.  

If you missed part 1, be sure to go back and listen to episode 50 first, so you can catch up on what a PFAS is and what are the most important items to avoid if you want to avoid these harsh chemicals. 

In part two, we will discuss,

  • How to spot PFAS on your favourite items
  • What to watch out for on product labels
  • How Leah tests for PFAS
  • What companies/brands are doing to eliminate PFAS
  • How to get involved in preventing PFAS

You’ll discover that and so much more in this episode.

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