Wicked Ever After

36. The Truth Behind Your Hair Dye With Lindsaya VanDeusen

May 10, 2022 Stephanie Moram Season 1 Episode 36
Wicked Ever After
36. The Truth Behind Your Hair Dye With Lindsaya VanDeusen
Show Notes

Hey, Green Junkie!

In this episode, I am honoured to have  Lindsaya VanDeusen, on the podcast to chat with me about hair dye. We talk about the formulas, chemistry, and toxicity, and she answers the biggest question: "Can we actually dye our hair safely?” 

Lindsaya is breaking it all down for us today and using her extensive knowledge and experience behind the chair and in the hair care industry to lead us to make better choices when taking care of our bodies and hair. 

I learned so much in this episode and know you will too. 

In this episode, we will discuss, 

  • What’s lurking in your favourite hair dye
  • The myth of organic hair dyes
  • The “safest” way to dye your hair
  • How to work with your stylist to help lower toxin exposure

You’ll discover that and so much more in this episode.

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Thanks for listening and being here.

Your green bestie,

Xoxo Stephanie

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