Wicked Ever After

26. Stop Using Traditional Dry Sheets!

March 01, 2022 Stephanie Moram Season 1 Episode 26
Wicked Ever After
26. Stop Using Traditional Dry Sheets!
Show Notes

Hey, Green Junkie!

In my attempts to always live a green and sustainable lifestyle I am consistently evaluating the practices I do every day to see if there are areas for improvement.

 With new products and inventions hitting the market daily, I always try to stay on top of my own practices to see if there are even greater ways my family can do their part to help take care of the planet. 

 One of those areas - that I think many forget about - is the laundry

 Every time we wash or dry our clothes we are exposing ourselves to nasty chemicals that are not only leaking into our clothes but also being blown into our air. And not only that, but when we are using dryer sheets we are disposing of materials that end up in landfills and are harmful to our environment.

So today, I figured I would help you tackle the laundry situation and talk about how you can be more environmentally friendly when it comes to taking care of your clothing.

 In this episode we will discuss,

  •  Why you should consider replacing your dryer sheets
  • Substitutes to replace your dryer sheets
  • Easiest way to avoid drying your clothes
  • DIY dryer sheet recipe
  • How to avoid soaking our clothing in chemicals
  • How to soften clothes without the dryer
  • Green options for anyone who loves dryer sheets

You’ll discover that and so much more in this episode.

By the end of this episode, Green Junkie, you’ll be able to make a few small changes to your laundry routine and rid yourself, and your loved ones, of harsh chemicals and routines that are not only hurting you but also the planet. 

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